I’m baaaack…


Well,what to say? I was really aiming to try and keep a weekly blog going but my hardware had other ideas. On arriving back from holiday in which I contemplated leaving my MacBook at home, it decided to stop working. And I discovered after taking it in to Mac hospital that my logic board and screen decided to simultaneously cease to function. Huge bummer! A close friend of mine gave his old/new MacBook Pro but with one catch the SSD drive had to be replaced. And there I have sat. To date I am still waiting for a replacement drive of sufficient size to actually be able to do what I need to do on it. All my production and editing work has ground to a complete halt. You could try and be esoteric about the whole thing and say it was a message, but what was the message? “Just take it easy? Don’t practice your craft?” I tend to be more of a realist and take the “its a massive irritation, that has done nothing but hamper me” approach. And here we are.

And a whole lot has happened in the six months since I last blogged. I started going to gym. And it has been an amazing change. Certainly haven’t lost as much weight as I wanted to but I’m feeling and looking more solid. And I’ve haven’t had any back trouble other than the stiffness I inflict on myself. But the biggest change has to be that after 15 years I decided to leave DJ Mix Club behind me and move up the ladder. Mix Club has been a great ride but the last couple months have been bumpy to say the least and I felt it was time.

A totally synchronous set of events led to me dropping off a piece of kit for repair at a supplier and speaking to a contact there about an advertised post. It turns out they had been discussing creating a totally different position which I would be a perfect fit for. So less than a week later I accepted the position of Product Manager for DJ and Digital Music Production at one of the leading suppliers in the country Audiosure. I had been buying from them from my first forays into retailing DJ gear so to be given the opportunity to work with such an established company and experienced team is something totally unexpected. I’m very chuffed to of landed the job. And after nearly three weeks in a very new working environment I can say that it is a very different ball on this side of the field. I am currently handling the Allen & Heath Xone, Denon DJ and Gemini brands with a new one being announced at the beginning of July. The challenges it presents are ones that I am embracing and I am thoroughly enjoying putting my mind and skills to a new set of …er challenges.

Its quite nice having a IT dept to handle any computer based issues instead of trying to work them out myself, and the people in the office have been extremely helpful in getting me settled and into the way things are handled there. One of my current projects is helping put together the Audiosure DJ & Digital Music Production stand at Mediatech2015 and its quite something to actually have budget and stacks of new kit to show off. Also means I get to play with some of the latest (and sometimes as yet unreleased) gear on the market for my brands. Bliss 🙂

ESP has been steadily building up the numbers and I helped hook up Judge Jules to come out and play for us in August so quite chuffed about that development and the chance to play with a legend of the scene.

So yep, its been pretty mad. Also lost a friend. A real gentleman and a true hooligan. Still processing that one. He died suddenly while on a business trip and no one really knew what had happened to him till three weeks after the fact. Shaun Beukes RIP in peace buddy. The stories spilling out of the dance community in the aftermath really bring a smile to my face. And there’s a new one everyday. That’s a testament to the person he was.

“Live everyday like its your last, because one day it will be.”

And on that sombre note, let me sign off with the promise of another post in the next couple days. Take care peeps, live your dreams, and love everyday 🙂


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