Pushing on

Ha, so much for trying to blog once a week! Not like i haven’t has much time on my hands. Because i have. No really.

This week has and today in particular has been dominated by me trying to upload all my mixes, and then spend the rest of the day looking for either the original project file (best option), tracklisting in a word file, or (worst case scenario) going through the mix track by track with Shazam because i honestly don’t remember what i put in the the mix i did 5 years ago. Which is why none of the older ones are up…yet.

Did some buying on Beatport this past week and purchased Marshall F, Son of Kick, Lady Leshurr, and Paigey Cake – Hours (Marshall F mix), download seemed a bit small and when i pulled into iTunes the length came out at 2:30 odd! Played it anyway (as you do) and Alan M said his version was longer was it the same mix? Yes it was, and his was 4:30! Went back home in a huff and checked it out. The file from Beatport is 4:30 but iTunes seems to be cutting down. Anyone else having these issues?

Anyway got some new tunes from MPI Project under his Politis alias… Some cool stuff! Its got me back in the studio working on some tunes. Big Halloween party next weekend at ESP. Compulsory costumes for the staff should be a hoot. I’ll try post some pics…lol

Sportswise, Arsenal seems to be jinxed with Ozil out for 2-3 months. Happy Birthday to him for today! About the jinx thing i think if Arsenal were an African team the shamans and witchdoctors should be summoned to examine the bad muti. Maybe the pitches were layed over some English mans ancestors đŸ˜‰ But hopefully the Gunners come out firing this weekend, we should have a decent run of “easier” challenging matches to come.

Until next week!



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